My first experience with spiritual healing

Well, about three years ago, I got some serious health issues. I was feeling bad, I was looking bad and I couldn’t do things properly, especially the ones that I love. And no one believed me I’m sick. So after about hundred visits at doubtful doctors ambulances, I decided to just leave it and try to enjoy life. So I got myself internship in Bali. What’s better than that. I also thought the change of the climate and mindset could maybe help me with my problems. I nearly started to believe, that it is just all in my head, as all my friends and family were thinking.

So I was in paradise. Took me some time to settle, but afterwards I was really amazed when I was seeing all the Balinese ladies in beautiful colourful clothes, doing their offerings every day, every now and then the parade of the people in white carrying these umbrellas and all the offerings. Seemed so interesting to me and I really wanted to find out more about why they do it, what they believe in.. I had many questions.

To be honest, I was enjoying Bali and even I didn’t forget bout my health issues, they were just pushed away for a while, so I wasn’t thinking about it. Then I’ve met one nice Balinese guy, which started explaining me some important things about Hindu culture. He also mentioned, that his father is a traditional spiritual healer and after I tried to tell him about my never ending problems, he promised to take me to his father for healing. I was excited, but also doubtful as always, anyway still not as doubtful as if I’ll be going to “real” doctor again. I have to say that I’ve tried nearly everything to get better and in fact this was my last chance.

I was asking what I need to bring to get healed, if there are some special requests. I needed only canang (flower offerings) with some sari (should be some amount of money, that reflects how much you appreciate the healing) and sarung. We arrived to his house, Jro Nyoman (healer) waiting for us in gazebo, smoking cigarette. Meanwhile, I put my sarung, when he asked me if I am ready. I wasn’t sure, but I said yes.


Jro Nyoman – Balinese Spiritual Healer (photo by Dorota Holubová)

I entered the holy room. It’s the place, where everything happens. It is a very tiny room, with many statues and many other interesting things. I also had very strange feeling inside. We sat down facing the statues, Jro put offerings and said his prayers. After this opening, he asked me why I’m there and how can he help me. I explained everything, then he started to pray and ask answers to my questions. This all didn’t take long, maybe only about 10 minutes, then he turned around to me and started telling me, what he found out. My problem was, exactly as I thought, not medical. That was why all my examination results were good and  according to them I was a healthy person. But reality was different, I was told, that there really is a problem in my stomach. Something like a bad energy, that I got from someone. That someone’s jealousy or other negative feelings towards me were so strong, that it caused me serious health problems for nearly two years.

Okay, I got finally at least some explanation of what’s wrong with me, that was more that I got during the past year, while I was touring doctors and ambulances. Jro took his special bamboo stick from a not hollow bamboo, because Balinese people believe, that such bamboo has a strong magical power. He pointed the stick on my sick spot and I also got a massage with special oil, which was quite painful. After this procedure I got holy water for cleaning myself from all the bad things. When the ritual was finished, I said thanks to all the mighties and I got package of holy water and oil to finish my healing at home for next two weeks.

I wasn’t expecting miracles. I wasn’t expecting, that after my holy water is finished I will suddenly be healthy. No, but day by day I was feeling better and also looking better and it wasn’t only me who noticed. Now I am happy and grateful for my healthiness, which I learnt during suffering from my mysterious disease. I will be forever thankful to Jro Nyoman and I bet I am not the only one.

Since then my story was spreading and my friends and tourists visiting Bali, which were excited to meet Jro to heal their bodies, minds and souls were very welcome to visit. I am always happy help with appointment and translation.





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