Magical Indonesia

Indonesia is a magical country. Magic and spirituality is everywhere, whether you believe it or not. Paranormal things are part of Indonesian culture and for Indonesians also part of everyday’s life. There can be found many differences in beliefs and traditions when exploring Indonesian islands and cultures. Since I’ve came to Indonesia, I’ve seen many interesting things and have heard many interesting, sometimes really scary stories. In every culture and religion in Indonesia, there are gifted people, in Balinese Hindu culture considered as “the chosen ones”, because they have different “gifts”. We are talking about mediators, which can usually see and communicate with spirits, therefore they’re many times able to heal and read the future. There is general name for such people Balians and you can identify them by their title – Jro,  which goes before their name. Everything has its good and bad side, it is always up to us, which side we choose. Indonesia is also well known for its black magic.

People can be very jealous and envious, not only here in Indonesia. It’s one of the most dangerous sins of our human race. The difference is, here in Indonesia, when people feel hurt, offended or simply jealous, they can easily attack you by using black magic. It’s not unusual that someone gets successful but suddenly dies young because of heart attack, but he wasn’t suffering from any health issues before…or famous lady suddenly gets crazy and can’t even take care of herself, just aimlessly walking the streets for many many years..or you open new business, at the beginning your place is full of customers. Suddenly your place is empty even you try your best..or your friend falls in love with girl he doesn’t even like, even know, but now he is all over her.. However, everything has its price. I’ve heard crazy stories about offering newborns for getting rich, or one employee dissapearing every year, so the restaurant stays successful.

Did I get your attention? Very well, so you can read more of my blog, because I decided to write about spiritual and magical Indonesia. It really fascinates me. I’ve spent most of the time in Bali, so my stories will start there. I believe you will fall in love with Balinese culture and religion, as I did. Read my next article about how I went to Jro for the first time and how I got healed from my mysterious disease.




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