Balinese Traditions and Spiritual Healing

I believe many of you are interested what is behind all the ceremonies and traditions. I will try to explain some main important beliefs, so you can also understand the background of the spiritual healing.

Balinese Hindus believe in a power of nature and that each element is subject to influence from spirits. Spirits and ancestors are very highly appreciated, that’s the reason, why you can see the offerings for them everywhere. Even it might be many times confusing, Balinese Hindus believe in only one Supreme God called ‘Ida Sanghyang Widi Wasa’, ‘Sang Hyang Tunggal’, or ‘Sang Hyang Cintya’ and all the other gods are manifestation of this Supreme Being. Three main manifestation of Supreme Being are Brahma – the creator, Vishnu – the preserver and Shiva – the destroyer. These three gods move the world through an endless process of creation, balance and destruction. Except these, there are many other Hindu gods and goddesses, which are seen as emanating from a single source.

Balinese also believe karma and reincarnation. After death, soul passes to another body, but always seeking to free itself from incarnation s that it can attain enlightenment. So when person dies and its soul fails to achieve this kind of state, it continues with the incarnations. Every important event in human life is always followed by particular ceremony. There are few types of ceremonies and I will try to describe some of them in my post about ceremonies. Now let me tell you something more about the healing…

It has become very popular for tourist to seek for a help of a Balinese traditional healers mainly because of them watching Eat Pray Love. Well, it is highly possible you will find love in Bali like Julia Roberts, but you can also find answers to many questions. Balinese Traditional healers (balians, shamans, dukuns or however you call the) are  gifted people treating physical and mental diseases, which is many times associated with removing the black magic spells and communicating with spirits and ancestors. They can deal with “mysterious” diseases and life situations, they can give you advice when you feel indecisive, or lead you back to the right path, when you for a moment lost your direction . In addition, you might get healed using herbal medicines and oils, as well as traditional, but quite painful massage.

So if you are still curious, or you have any serious problem, you are very welcome to visit Jro Nyoman. He is inviting you to come to him in the following video. If you decide to find a healer on your own, there are already many guides and hotels offering such kind of experience. No matter what way you decide to go, I wish you’ll find what you are looking for.






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Magical Indonesia

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